Anna 9

Anna Moore is an interior designer + product stylist based in Newcastle who loves to create unique and timeless residential and commercial spaces that reflects your personal taste whilst respecting your budget. Light filled spaces with a sense of warmth reflects Anna’s own personality.

Her passion for interior design began after renovating her own home which was featured in Homes Plus Magazine in 2016 as well as the front cover. Her relaxed coastal home has gained interest of over 29,000 followers on social media and invitations to exclusive events like an intimate lunch and home tour with the girls from Three Birds Renovations.

Working closely with clients Anna focuses on transforming houses into homes that is unique to them and their lifestyle. She is passionate about every project regardless of what style she is asked to create and commitment is evident with functional yet beautiful design solutions. At Moore Creative Interior Design we offer a range of services from interior design consultations, home design services as well as online consultations.

Being creative in some form or another is something Anna her husband and three kids incorporate into their everyday lifestyle weather it’s drawing in the sand or building houses out of cardboard boxes her passion for “creating” is satisfied.


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