Discover New Brands – Mahlia Interiors

It’s no secret that i love homewares or anything to do with styling my home so when i discovered Mahlia Interiors i was instantly in heaven. Their range of bone and mother of pearl inlay products are to die for, i had to have a piece from their range in my home.


I couldn’t decide where to keep my bone inlay floral box because it looks so good in so many spaces. I have used it on my coffee table in the living room to hold remotes and all those ugly things you don’t want to display but are much needed.


It’s also i nice box to hide your chocolate stash in your bedroom wink wink.


It’s also handy to have in your kitchen to store all the bills and random things that seem to multiply over night. As you can see the bone inlay floral box is a very versatile item to have in your home, i would recommend to get yourself one (or two) of these, they also make great gifts.

The quality of the box is amazing, each product from Mahlia Interiors is individually handcrafted and sourced from Rajasathan in India.

Now I need to decide which Mahlia Interiors product I want to add to my collection??



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