A little visit to High Swan Dive

I love discovering new shops around Newcastle and the Central Coast and when a friend made me aware of High Swan Dive I was all in for going to visit.

We started the day with coffee and a little bite to eat at Salula Cafe across the road from High Swan Dive on King Street Newcastle. You can’t shop on an empty stomach so if you decide to take a trip to visit the shop Suluna Cafe is a must beforehand.

The weather that day was so strange, we witnessed torrential rain, hail and sunshine all within 3hrs. Of course it rained as we decided to cross the road but nothing was stopping us from shopping.


From the moment I laid my eyes on the shop i fell in love….indoor plants are my thing! I have to work hard on keeping them alive but I am getting better.



The amount of amazing indoor plants was a little overwhelming, some I had only ever seen in magazines so it was nice to see them in real life. I love the range of pots, vases and handmade ceramics on show too, next time i visit i will be going child free so I can have a better look. I don’t normally take my little angel to places like this but I had no choice this day and a little bit of Elsa on you tube will entertain her for hours.




I wanted to buy the whole store but of course I couldn’t because they wouldn’t fit in the car haha. I eventually decided on three plants – Epipremnum gold and Epipremnum Aureum (ivy) and Calathea I had a few spots I needed to fill so I had to make sure they were going to be ok in these spots. The ivy was going in hanging macrame hangers at my front door where it doesn’t get much light so Sophie advised these were going to grow well. The Calathea was going in my lounge room with a little bit of filtered light so it was prefect for this spot.



My new babies are settling in nicely and i am so happy with how they look in their new homes.

If you are visiting Newcastle or are a local i strongly recommend a visit, make a day of it with a visit to local cafes on King Street or just drop in for a look around you won’t be disappointed. Sophie is very helpful with care instructions because if your anything like me you need a little help in this department.


High Swan Dive is located at 178 King Street Newcastle NSW

Open Tuesday to Friday 10 – 5 and Saturday 11 – 3


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